Pregnant Teens Addicted to Crack Cocaine

Pregnant Teens Addicted to Crack Cocaine

If a pregnant woman or teen smokes crack cocaine, the cocaine comes in contact with the placenta and by default goes into the baby’s blood stream. It takes much longer for cocaine to breakdown in a baby as opposed to an adult; therefore the cocaine stays in a baby’s circulatory system much longer than it does in an adult.

The presence of cocaine or crack cocaine in a woman’s blood stream during the preliminary months of pregnancy can make the risk of miscarriage much greater. If crack cocaine or cocaine is used during the later months of the pregnancy, placental abruption may occur. This can lead to a great deal of bleeding, the baby being born prematurely, or even dying in the womb. The chance of the baby being born with birth defects increases with the amount of crack a mother while she is pregnant.

A woman who smokes crack or uses cocaine while pregnant is much more likely to give birth prematurely. If a woman uses cocaine regularly during her pregnancy, her baby is more likely to be born with their growth stunted. Babies can also be born addicted to the cocaine themselves and experience symptoms of withdrawal, like getting the shakes, irritability, inability to sleep, and muscle twitches. Later in life the child may have some trouble learning. Children who were exposed to crack or coke during pregnancy have an IQ that is 3% lower than average.

What can a Pregnant Teen do to Safeguard Her Baby from Cocaine or Crack Cocaine?

All of the difficulties that crack cocaine or cocaine causes a pregnancy can be avoided. If you are using cocaine or addicted to it, get help before you become pregnant. If you become pregnant and you are using or addicted to cocaine, stop and get help immediately so you can minimize the amount of cocaine to which your unborn baby has been exposed. This will lessen the risk of giving birth prematurely or giving birth to a baby with birth defects.

If You Are a Teen Addicted to Crack Cocaine How Can You Get Help?

If you are a pregnant teen who is using crack cocaine or addicted to crack cocaine remember that you are now responsible for another life. Not only are you putting your baby at risk by consuming the drug, which goes into the baby’s bloodstream, you are putting your baby at risk with the reckless behavior that goes along with acquiring and abusing the drug. Know that there are people you can trust that you can turn to who will help get you the help you need. A school counselor, a parent, or police officer would be a good place to start. They will help you find the right drug rehab for you so that you can conquer your addiction for you and your baby.

The Narconon Cocaine Abuse Treatment has a private chemical dependency program. We trust that the only way to truly defeat an addiction to crack cocaine is to start by ridding the entire body of all its cocaine remnants. A person will do this fully supervised by our highly trained staff in our New Life Detoxification Program, or Sauna. By engaging in physical exercise and a proper diet, the recovering addict will begin to recover physically and have their spirits uplifted. Implementing these two changes in the person’s routine, along with our New Life Detoxification Program, where a person perspires out all the chemicals that remain trapped in his or her muscle tissue, will help the person reestablish his or her physical health to an ideal level.

This will also prepare that person for the Life Skills and Repair Courses that come later in the Narconon Cocaine Drug Treatment Program. In these courses we will show a person how to confront and control his or her life and be joyful and prosperous without the desire to use crack cocaine and other drugs. We believe that crack cocaine addiction is just an indicator of discontent and the absence of self-discipline. When a student of our Program understands how to handle his or her life and has absolved him or herself of the shame and guilt that they carrie due to the damage produced by their addiction to cocaine, he or she is prepared to live a happy, productive life. When one can live healthily, happily, and successfully, the craving to use crack cocaine or other drugs goes away.

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